Thursday, March 28, 2013

15 Bean Soup

I found a bag of 15 bean soup in the pantry that I had not used and thought "there are lots of ways we can play with this!" The beans went into a pan and I pulled out paper bowls. Little Bit at first was not sure what to do but after a minute or so she had her hands in the beans finding different size and color beans. 

We sorted the beans by large (Little Bits favorite), medium and small beans. This was a great opportunity to teach her about medium. When she picked up a bean she would hold it next to the large and small bean bowl to see if it matched.

After sorting for a while Little Bit used a spoon for scoping beans and adding them to different bowls. We worked on not spilling and picking up just one bean at a time. Who knew that 15 bean soup could be so much fun!

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