Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sidewalk Chalk Squirt Paint

We recently moved to a house that is in the country and has LOTS of yard and driveway space. Our last house did not have a yard that we could spend time in and overnight we have become an outside family. YAY! I spent so much time outside as a kid, it has been so relaxing and fun to watch Little Bit play in the yard during the day. After dinner she follows my husband outside to dig for worms, go on a treasure hunt or just play. I love that we are raising a child that loves to be outside. 

With a better yard we are trying out new outside play activities. This past week we tried sidewalk chalk paint in squirt bottles. We had painted with sidewalk chalk paint in the past and loved it! The idea came from Growing a Jeweled Rose for using squirt bottles.  

Little Bit loved squirting the paint, making shapes and spraying her feet. Once the paint dries it becomes chalk powder. Little Bit discovered that she could scratch it with a stick and make tiny chalk beads. She had just as much fun with the dry paint as when it was wet. Creating the sidewalk chalk paint was easy. 

Chalk Paint 

Ingredients - food color, water and cornstarch

Directions - mix equal parts water and cornstarch, then add food coloring. 

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