Friday, February 7, 2014

Family Garden

It has been a whole since I last posted. We have been busy and I hope to get back to posting more regularly. We are having fun celebrating Valentine's Day in lots of different ways. Valentine's Day is so much fun to play, create and learn with. Little Bit loves making cards and reading Valentine's Day books.

As we talked about cousins and who we would send cards to I decided to create a family garden. Creating each family "flower" was simple. I printed family pictures then added each picture to a stick along with hearts stickers.Since Valentine's Day is coming I used hearts to tie into our theme. A bowl with beans holds our family garden in place.

Little Bit loved finding all our family members. We matched up her cousins with their family and talked about each person remembering things we have done with them. Most of our family lives within a few hours and we are able to see them pretty often. We do have a a few family members that we do not see very often, this was a great chance to remember who they are.

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