Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our First Invitation to Play

My friend and fellow blogger from Fantastic Fun and Learning told me about Invitations to Play a few months back. However, with school ending I did not actually set one up until today.
I loved it! And I was not the one playing! :)  

After looking around online, mainly on Pinterest, I decided to just set up a dinner play area. While Little Bit napped I set up the living room with a few things for severing dinner. I have been told and read that Invitations to Play are about setting up toys in a new or different way. With that in mind I added a few real kitchen items to make it special. This is what I used:
  • table and chairs
  • Mickey Mouse, duck, and baby
  • table cloth
  • 3 cake plates (real)
  • napkins (real)
  • forks (real)
  • cups
  • pitcher
  • play food 
Little Bit loved it! She immediately set out the plates and began asking what they wanted to eat. It was fun to watch her play and listen to her talk to her "guest" the way we talk at dinner. I saw a big difference in how she played when it was presented in a different way and all out for her to run with.

I will post any more Invitations to play as we use them. What is your favorite Invitation to Play? 

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