Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4th of July Fun

We have been having lots of 4th of July fun his week, yes I know it is only Tuesday. We decorated the house and have been reading our 4th of July books. Little Bit is very excited to see all our family and the fireworks. Check out what we have done so far to celebrate.

Pom-pom Fireworks

We used pom-poms to create fireworks with paint. This was a quick and easy art project. I found the idea on the blog Sense of Wonder. We used small and large pom-poms the smooth ones and ones that are spikey. Little Bit dipped the pom-poms in paint and then touched them to the paper. We love finding new ways to paint.

4th of July Wands

 We are making fun wands for the girls in our family. They are simple to make and look so cute! We used: wooden dowels, screw eyes, and various ribbon. I was able to get all the supplies at Wal-Mart in the craft section. I was able to screw the screw eye into the dowel by hand. Little Bit then practiced her scissor skills and cut the ribbon. Next, she threaded the ribbon through the screw eye. When it was time to tie the ribbon I looped it and Little Bit pulled it tight. That is it, so easy. This fabulous idea came from the blog Buggy and Buddy.


4th of July Sensory Bin

Materials in our sensory bin:
  • blue, red and white pom-poms
  • red, white and blue necklets
  • red, white and blue popsicle sticks
  • blue star ice trays
  • red, white and blue lays (cut apart)
  • American flags
  • red, white and blue glitter stars

Cookie Cutter Stars

This is another fun way to paint. Little Bit loved this, as you can see in the picture. We used three different size star cookie cutters and blue and red paint. Little Bit liked that she could stamp inside the big stars with a little stars. She also explained to me that when you put red and blue together it makes purple. This idea originally came from the blog No Time For Flash Cards.

Counting with Stars

Gift of Curiosity has a free 4th of July packet you can download with lots of fun activities inside. Little Bit loved counting the stars and finding the number they matched. Check out the packet, there are many different activities: puzzles, counting, letters, patterns, cutting, tracing, etc.

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