Monday, July 1, 2013

Noah's Ark Activities

 Noah's Ark
Little Bit and I have been reading, playing and learning about Noah's Ark for the past few weeks. This fit into out animal theme summer perfectly. I created a background and cut the ark out of white paper. Little Bit loved cutting strips of brown paper into small pieces of "wood" to glue to the ark. We covered the ark with the strips of "wood" and put the ark on the background.  

We added foam animals to complete our ark. Little Bit found two of each animal and put them next to each other around the ark. This is our finished ark.

3D Noah's Ark

I found a printout that makes a 3D ark when folded. It was printed on cardstock so that it would hold up. Little Bit colored it, then we cut and glued it together. The 3D ark can be found at Sunday School Kids.

Noah's Ark Book

We used the books below as we talked about Noah's Ark. There are many other great books available but these books were the ones that our library had and best fit our needs.


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