Friday, July 12, 2013

Birthday Books

This week Little Bit turned 3! It has been a busy, busy week celebrating. To help celebrate Little Bits birthday I checked several books out of the library about birthdays. Three of the books were Little Bits favorite and we read them over and over. Below are the books that we loved reading over the past week.

1) Big Birthday by Kate Hosford

Big birthday is a fun story about a girl that is tired of ordinary parties and decides to have her party on the moon. A party on the moon sounds like fun until it is time to light the candles. The story has a great rhyming pattern and cute story.
2) When You Take a Pig to a Party by Kristina Thermaenius
This is a fun crazy story about a pig going to a party. There is a cause and effect theme and lots of messes. When we read this book Little Bit would always say "That is silly!"
3) Best Birthday Party Ever by Jennifer LaRue Huget

Imagine the best party our have ever been to and it will come nothing close to the party this little girl is planning. As she counts down to her big day the party grows bigger and bigger. You will need to read this one to see if all her dreams come true. 

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