Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Counting in the Garden and Butterflies

We are currently in the process of moving so we have not had a normal routine at all. We did recently read the book Counting in the Garden. If you have never read this book you should! The illustrations are beautiful and it is a look-and-find counting book. As we read the book Little Bit worked on pointing and counting.
We then created the butterfly that you see below with small bits of scrapbook paper. Little Bit was able to practice cutting and using a glue bottle. I love how the butterfly turned out!

With the move I have not been able to do more with the book but I have a few ideas to use with this book.
  • Use insect and animals figures or pictures and count out how many are found on each page.
  • Create a garden with flowers and plants cut from construction paper and hide the different insects and animals in the picture.
  • Create each of the animals and insects.
  • Visit a local garden (or your own garden) and look for the animals that were in the book.
This is a list of gardening activities and crafts from other blogs.

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